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Patient Education Materials


  • Drive AT-HOME Compliance
  • Office Contact for Questions


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Creating Positive Habits


A client of ours is a major non-profit here in Phoenix. As part of their mission, they support early literacy programs for children of at-risk families. They know that a child who falls behind in reading will struggle to have success in life. StatiXling posters are used in these family's home to create important routines and habits such as reading together at bedtime, and storytelling around the dinner table.

HIPAA Compliance


For our healthcare clients, HIPAA compliance is an extremely important concern. All employees complete annual HIPAA training and need to comply with these policies at all times. Even one slip can cause a breach in patient protected information and result in violations and very costly fines. Our StatliXling posters are included as part of a comprehensive message reinforcement program to help assure daily adherence.


Corporate Training Support


  • Convert knowledge into habits
  • Impact cultural changes

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